Street kids

The Amahoro Youth Club arranges activities with and for street kids. It’s an important activity for both, taking place at least once a months. The young boys who are between 16 and 22 years old live at the house of Swedish lawyer and business man, Magnus Schiller, who has also opened his house for seminars and other meetings of the Club.
The activities aim at providing psychological support, mentoring and recreational activities to the boys in order to cope with self-doubt, withdrawal and feelings of hopelessness.
One of those who help out is Ousmane Sow, a friend of AYC and co-owner of the “Aosta” Restaurant. He has lived all over the United States and worked with street kids himself – so he offers advice, inspiration and can serve as a model for the boys.
Here are some pictures taken by Jan Oberg on a Sunday in early 2009 when there was an orientation in the garden and an excursion to the Saga Plage:


Ousman Sow talks with all the street boys about his life in the United States and what morals he used to make a good life


Ousman Sow



















3 responses to “Street kids

  1. john baptist niyongabo

    if it really means to do something for them,we must do it.we are talented with many gifts and we must combine them to do something tangible for those when?tomorrow is late and today is better. stand up ladies and gentlemen,give salt to this world when it is still possible,just to avoid to say ”if I were able,I could….”

    • Hello jean Baptiste,
      You’re absolutely rigth!If we have to do something for the street kids, it must be now not tomorrow and I am confident that the task force in charge of peer-to-peer activities is showing a great determination for a substantial action for this category. Your contribution is also highly appreciated

  2. Well done. These are good actvities. Those kids deserves more to be done and to be given

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