AYC learning

Get to know — peace!

By Jan Oberg, TFF

Where do you go when you want to become more qualified in issues of peace? When you want to be one of the learning community called AYC? When you want to teach others about the whole magic of peace?
Countless places of course !!

Here is what I would do if I were you – young and curious and willing to help make the world a better place:

1. Visit the AYC office and library at Galerie YES at Uprona Boulevard and
a) talk with those who know already and
b) browse the small but unique library there.
If you are a member: Borrow a book, a journal, some manual or a video and…LEARN right there!

2. Join the AYC study circles and discuss important matters once a months.

3. Visit other libraries, e.g. the library of the National University and other learning institutions.

3. Check out the UN Information Office there at the corner, you know.

4. Surf the Internet for hours and hours – there is SO much. You can always go to Google.com and to Wikipedia in French or English
Just type in the words you are interested in and millions of learning places will come up…”peace”, “Gandhi”, “conflict-resolution”, “peace education”,. “reconciliation”, “Luther King”, “Mandela” – – you name it because you want to know or know more!

5. Then there is, naturally, TFF’s homepage – I am too shy to tell you how good it is, but it is used by thousands of students and NGO people every day. There are a series of sections – also one on Burundi – and there is a library of links to many issues that I recommend.

6. Videos – not all learning is texts and thick, expensive books! We live in an era of images, and the place you can begin is TFF Video Channel. Here you’ll find a lot of movies related to peace in a broad sense…and to Burundi, of course. Use Playlists at the top. Just browse and move around the space and time!
Well, I know there are slow Internet connections in Burundi and that movies “break”. This is how you overcome it: Let the movie break as much as it wants until it has downloaded everything. Then you can watch the movie in a normal way!

7. So much else! While I was writing this, I received news about a very good new homepage, Teaching and Learning for Peace – right there for you to benefit from.

I shall continue to post good links here as I see them.

8. Berghof Stiftung, Germany – excellent research based discussions in:
Handbook for Conflict Transformation
Particularly # 7: Peacebuilding at a Crossroads, built around Simon Fisher’s and Lada Zimina’s pathbreaking 2008 article.

When you find something similar write here on the AYC blog and tell other visitors about the treasures you have found!

Good luck learning more!


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