Controversial local polls


Provisional results of local polls held on May 24 put CNDD-FDD the ruling party of Pierre Nkurunziza far ahead in the lead with 64% and the former rival rebel group of FNL with 14,5%. Uprona comes in third position with 6,5%, Frodebu 5,6%, MSD 3,75%, UPD 2,21%, Frodebu Nyakuri 1,63% and CNDD 1,26%. Continue reading


Délicate période électorale

By BUCUMI Jean Claude
Dans un contexte marqué par la peur, les rumeurs et les difficultés financières et logistiques de la CENI, le Burundi a entamé ce 24 mai un marathon électoral de quatre mois qui consiste dans des élections communales, présidentielles, parlementaires, sénatoriales et enfin collinaires le 7 septembre. Continue reading

Stand firmly for peace

By Landry Ninteretse

Dear peacebuilders,

In these controversial and particular times for our country, I would like to call upon you and all AYC supporters to stand firmly for peace, stability and future of Burundi.

Let’s go beyond emotions, judgments and rumors and be models of tolerance and leadership for the rest of youth in speech and behavior. The mobilization for non violent elections project recently carried out was exactly about this kind of situation. Remember the Code of Good Conduct we promoted, we must the first to stand firmly for its full respect by first AYC members and all students and youth that took part in the PD project. Continue reading

Conservation de la biodiversité, tous concernés!

Par Landry Ninteretse

Qu’est-ce que c’est la biodiversité? Quelle est son importance ? Qu’est-ce qui cause la disparition des espèces, des gênes et des écosystèmes à un rythme sans précédent? Quelles sont les conséquences de cette disparition ? Est-il possible de renverser la tendance ? Qui sont les acteurs de cheval de bataille ? Telles sont entre autres les questions qui reviendront dans les débats partout sur la planète en cette année 2010 que les Nations Unies ont déclaré Année Internationale de la biodiversité en vue de sensibiliser l’opinion publique sur cette richesse sans égal de plus en plus menacée. Continue reading

Stand for your identity

By Jean Baptiste Niyongabo

Having and assuming one’s identity is the most powerful richness that one must enjoy and be proud of.
Let me share with you my experience. Within one month I spent in Uganda. I found myself in many situations in which I was given different identities. Sometimes, the people I met could call me a Rwandese because of my face look or a Kenyan because I spoke some Kiswahili, but I always told them that I a Burundian. Continue reading

Neela Ghoshal undesirable in Burundi

By Landry Ninteretse

Burundian government has canceled work permit of Neela Ghoshal, Human Right Watch’s representative in Burundi and asked her to leave the country by June 5.

This decision follows the publication of a HRW’s report on pre-electoral violence last week describing violent clashes between rival youth wings including the ruling party CNDD-FDD and former rebel group FNL. The report urged the government to take strong measures to combat political violence and ensure peaceful conditions in this electoral period. Continue reading

A reminder

By John Baptist Niyongabo

Dear peacebuilders, my greetings to all of you.

Thank you first for the different reports you sent for that everyone should know what our lovely AYC has achieved and plan to achieve. You contributed a lot for the stabilization of peace in Burundi especially in this period of intensive elections. I am personally grateful and I wished to share with you my happiness.

Secondly, I would like to suggest that AYC should triple (if possible, make it 1000 times) its efforts in transmitting the message of peace through different means Continue reading