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January 16, 2009
We are currently awaiting registration documents from the Ministry of the Interior. When we get them, we will open a bank account so it is easy for you to make a donation.
If you want to become a member and pay a fee or make a personal donation in cash, contact Jean-Bosco Bigirimana at +257 77 793 720 or

2 responses to “Donate !

  1. Dear Club. I was so happy to see your site and learn about your growing work. Some years ago I was in Burundi with Jan to do a training seminar of conflict management, and began to appreciate your land and people so much – really.
    because of your site and the hope it gives I have decided to donate a small sum every month (I am not a wealthy person) = 50 dollars. How can i do that?
    Sincerely yours and in peace,

  2. Dear Else Hammerich,

    I am very happy to see your message and your donation. The AYC needs people like you who support on both sides- experience, inspiration and financially. The AYC is happy to have you on our list of friends and partner and hope that you will come here in Burundi to share with us some of your knowledges and experience on the field of peacebuilding.
    Actually, we are working on 3 main activities: the Study Circle, education for young people from GITEGA and Magnus’ ex street-kids who really need to interact with other young people who are educated. For more details about these activities, pleas go on “activities and report” where you will find very soon the resume of each activity.

    Very soon, we will tell the way you can send us the $50 per month and we are sure that it will help us in our day to day expenses.

    Thank you for supporting the Amahoro Youth Club.


    AYC Legal Representative

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