Funding & transparency

Bujumbura-Janvier 18,2010
By Jean-Bosco Bigirimana, AYC Finances Manager

Dear members, friends of Amahoro Youth Club and all visitors of our blog ; Peace always!
On this day, I would like to present the last quarterly economic report of 2009.
First of all, I would like to correct the mistake I made in the last quarterly report. Instead of writing…the administrative team that works without waiting for a payment or a salary-I wrote…the administrative team that works waiting for a payment or a salary- I apologize for the mistake. In fact, the administrative team works voluntarily.
Our work is financed by private donations and membership fees. For these 4 months, we didn’t get something entering in terms of money. We continued using what we got before. But, we got a donation of books from Landry NINTERETSE, member of the club in charge of communication. He brought them from Copenhagen. We thank him very much. We thank all those who contribute in one or another way. We hope to be self reliant as soon as possible.
The activities that took expenses are:
1. Office activities and necessities: $ 151
2. Communication and transport: $ 63
3. Renting the office: $ 210
In total, the expenses came to $ 424. Our heartfelt thanks, in advance, go towards to whoever is willing to donate or support our club. In the same spirit of thanking people of good will, we would like to call upon someone who can help us to pay internet connection. In fact; the 350 Burundi Campaign has been having an internet connection in our office for 2 months (October and November). They were paying $ 220 per month and it helped also the club in different ways in terms of communication. Thus, we would like to request someone to help us to pay or otherwise to lobby for us.

Bujumbura-September 3, 2009
By Jean-Bosco Bigirimana, AYC Finances Manager

Friends of Amahoro Youth Club dear visitors of our blog, Amahoro, Peace, Paix, Shalom, Salaam!!!
On our page of transparency and funding, it is well stated that a quarterly economic report has to be presented and now it is time to do so.
The work of AYC is financed by private donations and membership fees, and we want to be self-reliant in future.
For these four months, we got US $ 952. We express our sincere gratitude to all those who do their best to make AYC activities to go on. We particularly thank Jan Oberg and TFF for his great contribution in terms of knowledge, time and money. We thank him for the visiting cards he donated to the Club and for financing the activity peer to peer counseling done for Magnus Schiller’s ex street children on 19th August 2009. We foremost thank Panafrica Marie-Claire, member of the club, who in collaboration with Jan Oberg donated US $ 50 to the Club.
Furthermore, our distinguished thanks go to Dr Margareta Norlin, Else Hammerich, Karsten Mathiasen and Magnus Schiller for their generous hearts and donations. We thank all AYC members who contribute without delay and the Administrative Team that works waiting for payment or salary.
In these four months, the expenses were done into different areas such as:
1. Seminars: US $ 170
2. Office activities: US $ 318
3. Communication and transport: US $ 93.3
4. Renting Office: US $ 256
5. Study Circle: US $ 12
6. Welcoming visitors from World Youth Alliance: US $ 25.
In total US $ 874.3 were spent during these last four months.
Dear visitors of our blog, you are most welcome to make a donation or otherwise support our club.

Bujumbura- May 25, 2009
By Jean-Bosco, AYC Finances Manager

Dear AYC friends and visitors,

As it was promised on our page of Transparency and Funding that a quarterly economic report has to be presented, here it is.
First of all, let me apologize for the delay of 23 days in delivering this report, it was due to intensive academic work.
The work of Amahoro Youth Club is financed by private donations, membership fees and a little bit of income generating activities. During these last four months, we got 1093 US $.
We sincerely thank all those who helped AYC activities to be run. Our special thanks go to Dr Jan Oberg who contributed a lot to get in touch with donors, especially in Scandinavia.
We are sincerely grateful to Dr Norlin Margaretta in Lund Sweden, Else Hammerich, Mathiasen Karsten and Magnus Schiller. We thank members who contribute without delay and take this opportunity to encourage all members to do it voluntarily and with joy because their contributions constitute a seed to the work of peace not only within the Club but also in the whole nation. We pay tribute to the administrative team for its remarkable work without waiting any salary.

In these last four months, the resources we got were spent in different areas such us:

1. Seminars : 35 US $
2. Office activities and diverse necessities : 226 US $
3. Communication and Transportation : 154 US $
4. Office rent : 207 US $
5. Study circle : 14 US $
6. Activities with former street kids : 133 US $
7. Expenses engaged in the participation in
The United Nations Alliance of
Civilizations Forum in Istanbul : 198 US $

In total, 967 US $ were spent during this period. You are most welcome to make a donation and support AYC activities and peacebuilding in Burundi.

Bujumbura – December 31, 2008

Economic philosophy of the AYC
As a new organisation, we seek funds from Burundi as well as from abroad. But we want to be as independent as possible and, eventually, self-financing.
We also want our economic management to be openly available for anyone interested.

How do we finance our work?
By grant applications, by private donations, by membership fees and income-generating activities. And very importantly, we have no employees; all work done is done voluntarily by our members and Administrative Team.
Concretely, in 2008 we have received funding from TFF (see the menu about that) which had a grant from the Swedish Folke Bernadotte Academy. When that ended, we received a grant from Dr. Margareta Norlin in Lund, Sweden, then a private donation from Sabin Muresan (Romania), from Else Hammerich (Denmark), from Jan Oberg (TFF), and from Mr. Carsten Mathiasen in Denmark. Also, each AYC member pays FrBu 1.000 per month.
In addition, we have received books, journals, videos and posters from various friends of the Club, among them friends of those who gave cash donations – such as Jonathan Power, Alfia Khairullina, Ina Curic, TFF, Sururu Adolphe, and Soren Sommelius. This is what makes up our small, but growing, library on peace and related issues.
Mr. Magnus Schiller, Sweden, has also assisted us by making his villa and garden at Ave P Ngendandumwe available for seminars as well as meetings with the former street children who live there.
In cash terms this amounted to FrBu 2,9 million, i.e about US$ 2,400. To that should be added various expences drawn from the Bernadotte Academy grant plus all the volunteer work.
At this place we really want to express our gratitude for everything we have received.

On what have we spent the resources?
First of all, we have set up our office and spent funds on rent, chairs, tables, cupboard, flipchart, a printer, etc. Secondily, money has been spent on telecommunication (phone, Skype, surfing and this blog); on training seminars, study circles, room fees and honorariums for trainers including Ina Curic as TFF coordinator; then transport and trips to provinces, including fuel and meals.


Jean-Bosco with the book in which every AYC transaction is registered

Jean-Bosco Bigirimana is the main responsible for book-keeping – should you want to know more, phone +257 77 793 720 &

From 2009, we will post a quarterly economic report here. If YOU can make a donation or otherwise support our Club, it would be most welcome.

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