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Never stop acting for peace

By Jean Baptiste Niyongabo

To obtain everlasting peace is not a work of one day or one week. Building peace is not like when someone decides to build a house with a wish of having the house completed in a six month period. What troubles peace is a variety of frustrations that require a careful study of causes, consequences and solutions to bring. Continue reading


La honte!

Par Landry Ninteretse

Quatre situations différentes, deux nationales, une régionale et une continentale qui font honte aux acteurs concernés et par ricochet à nos peuples et à l’image de l’Afrique en général.

Le premier cas est la grève dans l’enseignement public burundais qui va entrer très bientôt dans son deuxième mois. Deux mois de paralysie totale, des centaines de milliers d’écoliers et d’élèves privés du droit à l’éducation, pris dans le bras de fer entre syndicats et gouvernement Continue reading

My visit, useful links, UN Youth Day!

By Jan Oberg, TFF

Dear dear AYC friends!

I am excited at the thought of soon coming down to work with you. Together we can make your Club greater and greater…Here are 6 important things that I hope you will study before I come.

First, August 12 is the International Youth Day. Its theme is sustainability. Lots of stuff here. I believe the AYC must mark the Day with some kind of activity, statement or that we have an internal activity to discuss the relevant issues. Continue reading

The Open Centre idea remains

By Landry Ninteretse

During the Organisational Management Seminar held last January, AYC members expressed several ideas which can boost our Club in terms of achievements and visibility. Some talked about the great idea Continue reading

La part de l’AYC dans la consolidation de la Paix

By Aristide Uwimana

Nous sommes devant la responsabilité historique d’avoir laissé le tissu social se déchirer par notre égoïsme et notre indifférence.
Nous sommes citoyens d’un monde qui fait la guerre tout en la haïssant car nous savons de par l’expérience que la guerre est injuste et que la violence engendre la violence. Continue reading

It is small groups that make the change

By Adelard Kankuze

I am a new member of AYC and I participated for the first time in the activities of the Club during the study circle held on January 11th 2009. I was pleasantly surprised by the relevance of the debates carried on the topic ”Citizenship in democratic society”.

After that I was invited to participate in a seminar on Gandhi and nonviolence principles, I didn’t hesitate and I have to say that Continue reading

I really met Gandhi

By Armand Giramahoro

I have learned at school, read books and heard here and there through media and posters about India and Mahatma Gandhi. I never considered him as an important person more than other heros who died for liberty, equality and for other good values that make a peaceful world.

But, when I watched the 3 hours Gandhi movie and participated in the seminar organized by the AYC and run by Jan Oberg about Gandhi’s life and the fight he did against oppression, then I realized that now I have really “met Gandhi”. I noticed that Gandhi is still alive and that through his principles there is a possibility of building a peaceful world.