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Stand firmly for peace

By Landry Ninteretse

Dear peacebuilders,

In these controversial and particular times for our country, I would like to call upon you and all AYC supporters to stand firmly for peace, stability and future of Burundi.

Let’s go beyond emotions, judgments and rumors and be models of tolerance and leadership for the rest of youth in speech and behavior. The mobilization for non violent elections project recently carried out was exactly about this kind of situation. Remember the Code of Good Conduct we promoted, we must the first to stand firmly for its full respect by first AYC members and all students and youth that took part in the PD project. Continue reading

Stand for your identity

By Jean Baptiste Niyongabo

Having and assuming one’s identity is the most powerful richness that one must enjoy and be proud of.
Let me share with you my experience. Within one month I spent in Uganda. I found myself in many situations in which I was given different identities. Sometimes, the people I met could call me a Rwandese because of my face look or a Kenyan because I spoke some Kiswahili, but I always told them that I a Burundian. Continue reading

La honte!

Par Landry Ninteretse

Quatre situations différentes, deux nationales, une régionale et une continentale qui font honte aux acteurs concernés et par ricochet à nos peuples et à l’image de l’Afrique en général.

Le premier cas est la grève dans l’enseignement public burundais qui va entrer très bientôt dans son deuxième mois. Deux mois de paralysie totale, des centaines de milliers d’écoliers et d’élèves privés du droit à l’éducation, pris dans le bras de fer entre syndicats et gouvernement Continue reading

Climate change: What can we do?

By Landry Ninteretse

March and April normally corresponds to rainy months in most tropical countries. In some areas, rainfalls are too heavy, resulting in floods that destroy crops and infrastructures, displace people and cause even death. The massive landslide tragedy in Eastern Uganda on March 1st that killed more than one hundred people and more than three hundred completely missing is still in our mind. In Kirundo, lack of rain in January has negatively affected production of maize and bean and is forcing thousands of people to seek exile in neighbouring Rwanda. Continue reading

My visit, useful links, UN Youth Day!

By Jan Oberg, TFF

Dear dear AYC friends!

I am excited at the thought of soon coming down to work with you. Together we can make your Club greater and greater…Here are 6 important things that I hope you will study before I come.

First, August 12 is the International Youth Day. Its theme is sustainability. Lots of stuff here. I believe the AYC must mark the Day with some kind of activity, statement or that we have an internal activity to discuss the relevant issues. Continue reading

The Open Centre idea remains

By Landry Ninteretse

During the Organisational Management Seminar held last January, AYC members expressed several ideas which can boost our Club in terms of achievements and visibility. Some talked about the great idea Continue reading

Consolidons notre base

By Adelard Kakunze

Le plan d’action semestriel récemment adopté comprend les activités classiques du club (study circle, blog, échanges avec les jeunes de Magnus…). D’aucuns auraient pu penser qu’après la visite de Jan Oberg, le Club développerait un plan comprenant des activités de grande envergure. Ceci n’a pas été fait ainsi. La raison est que le plan adopté résulte du souci pour le Club de consolider d’abord sa base et de maintenir le rythme des activités “classiques” avant de se lancer dans des projets qui demandent un plus grand investissement, une implication accrue. Continue reading

L’Amahoro Youth Club, c’est aussi du français!

Landry Ninteretse
By Landry Ninteretse

Certains visiteurs de ce blog ou ceux qui ont déjà collaboré avec nous peuvent penser que l’Amahoro Youth Club est une organisation dont l’unique langue de travail est l’ anglais et que le français occupe une place marginale dans nos activités. Mais cela n’est qu’une impression, car il est quasiment impossible de travailler au Burundi en ignorant complètement le français. Non seulement c’est une Continue reading

AYC for the awakening of Burundi

By Esperance Ndayishimiye

When nonviolence is accepted as the rule of society, it must pervade the whole being and not be applied to isolated acts. However, this is not the case for Burundi where poor people are undergoing violence through corruption.

Therefore, our work in AYC Continue reading