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Why tree planting is crucial?

By Landry Ninteretse

“Landry Ninteretse after distribution of seedlings for students in Kampala, Uganda”
While lecturing in secondary schools on climate change, we strongly encourage students not only to protect existing forests and woodlots but also to plant more trees in their school premises, homes and communities.
Once could argue:’’ Is tree planting so important?’’ Absolutely. Unfortunately, the whole value of trees and forest is till now not well understood by people, especially those relying on natural resources for their daily survival. Many people use trees to get firewood and charcoal for cooking, to obtain poles to fence their properties. Trees are also used as building materials and provide employment opportunities in carpentry and furniture. Continue reading

Climate change: What can we do?

By Landry Ninteretse

March and April normally corresponds to rainy months in most tropical countries. In some areas, rainfalls are too heavy, resulting in floods that destroy crops and infrastructures, displace people and cause even death. The massive landslide tragedy in Eastern Uganda on March 1st that killed more than one hundred people and more than three hundred completely missing is still in our mind. In Kirundo, lack of rain in January has negatively affected production of maize and bean and is forcing thousands of people to seek exile in neighbouring Rwanda. Continue reading

COPENHAGUE : Les véritables parties oubliées

Par Adam Welz et Landry Ninteretse

Une semaine après la conférence de Copenhague sur le changement climatique, Adam Welz et Landry Ninteretse qui ont suivi de près les négociations jettent un regard critique sur cette grande messe aux résultats plutôt décevants. Continue reading