“Burundi Beauty”

One of our members, Marie-Claire Panafrica – “Pana” – and Jan Oberg of TFF have joined forces and set up Photo Agency “BurundiBeauty”.

The goals of the Agency are to:
– promote the human and natural beauty of Burundi through sales of quality photos;
– to generate an income to Burundian models – women in particular who, thereby, will become more independent and able, for instance, to finance their education;
– to implicitly help these models progress in their profession and be known also abroad;
– to make donations to the Amahoro Youth Club, AYC, a registered NGO in Bujumbura.

The latter, of course, depends on whether or not there will be a profit from the sales in the future. But it is their sincere hope with this experiment to be able to help out here and there. Here are some links and some pictures of Pana from 2008 and 2009.

Black and white portraits from Jan Oberg’s private photo homepage

Colour portraits

Pana as model

Some 70 other pictures from Burundi here

Faces of Burundi # 1 – AYC members – portraits

Faces of Burundi # 2

Faces of Burundi # 3

Faces of Burundi # 4 – Beatrice











One response to ““Burundi Beauty”

  1. through AYC the world can know what potentialities Burundi has!keep up

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