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MEMBERSHIP POLICY for the Amahoro Youth Club

Members of the Amahoro Youth Club shall have read and understood the statutes of the AYC.

Chapter 1. About members, rights, obligations and sanctions

Section 1. About members

Article 1.The Club is composed by regular members and honorary members.

Article 2. An honorary member is every person, physic or moral who would have been appreciated by the general assembly due to his or her extraordinary technical,material, moral or financial contribution to the Club.

Article 3. The recruitment of regular is done every 3 months and any time it is necessary.

Article 4. A person who wants to become a member hands in a letter to the Legal Representative who informs the administrative team that will decide whether or not to admit the applicant as a full AYC member, at the latest 3 months after the letter was handed in.

Article 5. After the application has been submitted, there is a testperiod of 1-3 months where the person will work with the Club. After
that period and depending on how it goes, the member is either accepted fully or rejected by the Administrative Team.

Article 6. During the “test” period of up to 3 months, the applicant participates fully in AYC activities.

Article 7. Every person who wishes to became an AYC member have to show a high commitment in peacebuilding, peaceful resolution of
conflicts and have to be a knowledgeable about history and events that have affected Burundi.

Article 8. Prospective members come for a little/short interview about their background and why they want to/are able to contribute to the Club.
The application letter shall show what had motivated the applicant to apply for AYC membership.

Article 9. Membership is lost by:

– The member’s wish to leave the AYC.

– Exclusion after a warning and a temporary suspension.

Section 2. About rights

Article 10. Members’ rights are:

– Access at/to any information from AYC.
– Membership portfolio.
– Access to reports, minutes of meetings and to reports about AYC activities.
– Participation in in-house training and seminar sessions organized by the AYC or for the AYC.
– Access to facilities at the AYC office including the library.
– Right to be elected to positions within the Club, e.g. the Adm Team.
– The right to speak at decision-making meetings and to vote in
decision-making organs.

Article 11. Honorary members benefit from all rights previous at article 10 except the right of being elected and participate in the vote.

Section 3. About obligations

Article 12. Every AYC member has the following obligations:

– Paying the monthly contribution fees as decided by the General Assembly.
– Participating regularly in AYC activities.
– To observe the statutes and the statement of culture of the Club in
all his or her activities.
– Taking care of the property and interests of the AYC.
– Spread the message of the AYC.

Section 4. About Sanctions

Article 13. Any member who register three late-comings without explanation in advance shall write a letter to the head of membership commission after which the administrative will state on the case.

Article 14. Any member who register two absences in a meeting, activity, training or seminar in which he/she is involved without explanation in advance shall write a justifying letter to the head of membership commission after what the administrative team will state on the case.

Article 15. Any member who register two months of not paying contribution fees without any explanation shall write a justifying letter to the head of finance and IGA commission after what the administrative team will make a decision on the case.

Article 16. Any member who do not follow the procedures that are specified above risk to:
For he/she who do not write the justifying letter in the times, the
administrative team will ask him/her to present himself/herself personally to the head of the concerned commission to justify his/her behavior after which the head of the concerned commission will warn him/her if necessary.

For he/she who does not present himself/herself in person after one week, the administrative team will suspend temporary for one week the member.

For he/she who do not react to the administrative team decision after
one week, the administrative team will suspend the member for one more
week at the end of which the general assembly – extraordinary meet- will exclude him/her from the AYC with a notification letter to the member.

Article 17. The exclusion can also be decided towards any member whose behaviour manifestly show lack of respect for the Club internally and discredit AYC in the eyes of others in society or in other ways seek to harm the Club.

Article 18. A member who misused funds or AYC properties has to reestablish them integrally after what the administrative team will make a decision on the case.

Article 19. No member can be harassed out of the Club The overall purpose of this procedure is to secure a smooth and reliable function of the Club and must never be used as an instrument of persecution or discrimination of any kind against any member. Depriving a member of his or her membership can only be decided by the General Assembly.

Chapter 3. About the structure of the AYC

Article 20. The AYC is structured in two organs:

– The General Assembly
– The Administrative Team

Section 1. About the General Assembly

Article 21: The GA is the supreme organ of the Club. It has the entire power for executing all the acts that engaged the Club.

Article 22. The GA meet twice a year ordinary and any time it is necessary when the Legal Representative of AYC so requests or when 1/3 of members request so.

Article 23. The meeting of the GA is communicated at least 2 weeks in advance to members. The date, the place, the time and the agenda are communicated to all members at the same time.

Section 2. About the Administrative Team

Article 24. The administrative team is composed by:

– The Legal Representative.
– The deputy and Membership commission manager.
– The secretary and his/her deputy.
-The finance and Income Generating Activities commission manager and his/her deputy.
-The communication commission manager and his/her deputy. -The culture of the club commission manager and his/her deputy. -The study circle commission manager and his/her deputy. -And possibly others as decided by relevant organs.

Article 25. The administrative team meets at least twice a month ordinary and at any time it is necessary.

Article 26. The Administrative Team meets when the half of its members are present. If not, another meeting is stated 7 days after or any time before if possible.

Article 27. The deputy works together with on an equal basis the Legal Representative in his or her function and replace him when he/she is not available.

Article 28. The finance and IGA manager receives the membership fees and enters them in the book-keeping as well as gives the member a
receipt. He/she keeps the receipts and all documentation related to the spend of financial operations of the Club.

Article 29. All the commissions are obliged to give the reports at every administrative team meeting.

Chapter 4. About Resources

Article 30. The resources of the Club are constituted by:

Application fees: 5000 Bufr
Member’s monthly contribution fees: 1000 Bufr
Income Generating Activities
Funds raised through project grant applications

Article 31. The funds are kept in a bank and on the name of AYC. The Legal Representative and the Finance manager sing and authorize financial operations.

Article 32. The funds shall be strictly used for activities of the Amahoro Youth Club only. However, in case an AYC member get a bad or good event, the administrative team will appreciate whether the Club shall support he/she or not.

Chapter 5. Final dispositions

Article 33. Whatever is not specified in this membership policy shall dealt with and decided by the General Assembly.

Article 28. The present membership policy takes effect when approved by the AYC General Assembly.

Adopted by the General Assembly

The Legal Representative


Bujumbura, October the 20th 2008

3 responses to “Join AYC !

  1. can we apply online for membership?

  2. Amor, Adriel

    Sometimes ago, I got a dream that one day our generation shall look beyond all dividing issues and bring about the reconstruction of our motherland Burundi. This has come to be underway, and I believe that AYC is this three that I saw in my dream, under wich future generations shall gather us one to enjoy the healthy fruits of peace and reconcilliation.
    Thank you, keep it up men and women. You are the future of our Nation, Uburundi bw’abarundikazi n’abarundi eka n’incuti z’abwo. Aho n’umwansi azoba afise ikibanza co guhindura ingendo n’ingiro agakurikira inzira y’Amahoro.

    Amor, Adriel.


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