Never stop acting for peace

By Jean Baptiste Niyongabo

To obtain everlasting peace is not a work of one day or one week. Building peace is not like when someone decides to build a house with a wish of having the house completed in a six month period. What troubles peace is a variety of frustrations that require a careful study of causes, consequences and solutions to bring.

As a peace builder, take patience and courage as your motto. If you see that your first steps fail, do not desperate, but keep up with your actions; the essential is to reach your destination no matter how long the way can be.

Martin Luther King Junior once said: “When you cannot fly, run; when you cannot run, walk; when you cannot walk, crawl. But in whatever you do, keep on moving.”
The M L King Jr’s quotation must inspire any peace builder since building peace is not a one day work. If you are committed to building peace, never get discouraged when you see that your efforts are spoiled rather intensify the actions in favor of peace.

The most important thing that a peace builder has to remember is that he cannot take only himself into consideration in terms of peace need. We must also build for coming generations. If you build peace today and see it tomorrow, celebrate it, you are another Mandela in this world. But also, do not lose courage when you see that you will not enjoy the fruit of your sweat, Martin Luther King Jr won some decades after his death.

The great joy is when your children, grand-children or great-grand-children will always remember and celebrate your greatness.

One response to “Never stop acting for peace

  1. NDIKUMANA Michel

    Hi everybody.why don’t we hate each other because of differences of complexion,weight,height,and gender?????watch out!

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