A reminder

By John Baptist Niyongabo

Dear peacebuilders, my greetings to all of you.

Thank you first for the different reports you sent for that everyone should know what our lovely AYC has achieved and plan to achieve. You contributed a lot for the stabilization of peace in Burundi especially in this period of intensive elections. I am personally grateful and I wished to share with you my happiness.

Secondly, I would like to suggest that AYC should triple (if possible, make it 1000 times) its efforts in transmitting the message of peace through different means because I have already heard that some of our compatriots were killed during the communal council elections campaign. Even though I can’t confirm that their death is campaign-elections related, what I know is that this could increase tensions among brothers.

My message is only that “Only when United we can stand”. No peace and sustainable development possible when we can’t tolerate the differences between us. As I use to say, political differences are 1,000,000 times less important than what makes us to be one. Just imagine, sharing one nation, one language. So what makes us not to feel that we share also the same destiny? We must build a fair society where there is honey and milk for all. We will never enjoy this milk or honey when we will remember that we got it after eliminating the brothers who could share with us.

A warning just addressed to the Youth: Remember, we are the future of this country, when we turn it into fire; we are the ones to eat its ash. When we support our political parties’ leaders and need them to access the power, we have to think twice and decide which ways to use. If we use peaceful ways, we will be luck of having a peaceful future because we harvest what we planted. I can’t tell what would be the opposite ways but we should never wish for that. Only, we have to remember this; we as Youth have a long way to go, all the mistakes we can commit now, I am sure we will pay for them because sooner or later justice will ask for it. I am sure the bosses (politicians) we work for will always be immunized as former Presidents, MPs… till their death. So we have to think of and for our own future and build it for our children.

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