Different with one mission

By Jean Baptiste NIYONGABO

In life, competition is the only and main factor that enables commuties to reach the goals and survive. Life itself is a kind of competition in which each individual challenges him/herself in looking for what can improve the ways of living or get the maximum of results . What surprises is when we encounter failure today,no one kills himself/herself but we enter a self-competition so that we can no more experience the history of the previous day of failure.

In football, two teams play with the equal hope of winning but we all know that between two competitors,only one wins and the history of football has not yet reported when a winning team shot the loser or vice-versa. Both teams are animated by a sport spirit and in many cases, players may not share in common important things or they may even meet for the first time but the spirit makes them to believe in one gaol;the promotion of the game and strong relations of brotherhood.

Surprisingly, we hear here and there that there are killings related to the fear of losing elections and the question that just come into my mind is to know why people who enter political competitions with one mission of giving the best to their lovely nations should end in destroying them.

This motivates my calling of Youth’s attention especially during these days in which many African countries in general and Burundi in particular are going to enter a crutial period of democratic competition and elections to come back to the reason and decide what to do in making the pre and elections period more safe.

Before we become different because we belong to different political partis, we are one people sharing one nation,mission, destiny and vision of building peace and development.
Differences of political partis ideologies are here to make the the political environment give harmony otherwise,there would be no reason of multi polical partis democraty if people were sharing the same ideology.

Only madness can lead two brothers to kill each other because they do not have the same vision of the world. Whatever may be the size of their divergent point, the fact of sharing the same parents will enable them to overcome their differences and think of what can honor their family. So, what does abide us feel that sharing one nation and desteny far more stronger than belonging to political partis

If we are incited to violence by politicians who take advantange from our lack of experience, I dare to tell them that we harvest what we sow. We hear what we say,see what show and get what we give. What you will get from the youth trained to violence when elderly age will get you down? You will cry for drinking water, no one will listen because a youth trained to violate has no mercy, no emotion. I advice you, train young people to peace building, teach them that polical competition is not about creating hatred, rather that this competion is to show positive talents that one has over the other. If you do this, you will be preparing your good retirement. In that case, your children will say that their parents were great.

To conclude, I wish to make my fellow young people understand that our common enemy is what good politics are to solve but not the people we consider to be our political adversaries.
Let’s understand that we are different to make a harmony, that different ideas are there to solve different challenges and not reinforce the most difficult challenges of war and division, and again that competition is an examination that we pass in order to know how good our plans, how well we can explain them so that they can be voted for.

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