Jean Baptiste NIYONGABO

In life, there are certain things we see and enjoy because we believe that they make our lives be easy or just because we believe that they are there to make our statutes grow.
But, I sometimes have a belief that ignorance or illusions make someone not be aware of his/her position in the sense of the world or only forget about what should be his/her sense of living on this fragile world.

Very simple examples are quite enough to illustrate the proof of certain things without getting our brains tired of thinking hopelessly.
Driving a car makes life to be easy and comfortable but the smoke left behind by the car pollutes the atmosphere and influences the climate change. I don’t mean that driving cars is harm, but we need to be aware of the conditions in which our cars are, if we consider what is the general interest of the globe about the climate change. It is also the case of farmers when burning and cutting forests for the sake of agriculture. Agriculture is life because we cannot live without food but agriculture is not possible without rain. We need to protect both environment and agriculture at the same time. If this is to be so, what is our contribution? You and I are involved.

Let’s take the two examples as pitiful ones but this is where I want to get. Life is basically made in a way that each person is different depending on different conditions. I do not want to come back to what history tells us about social classes because I still believe that within one class differences persist. My point is that we meet different conditions of living willingly or unwillingly but our manifest strength should be our ability to find solutions to any destabilizing situation. Since sometimes ago, AYC tries to get solutions of an availing and sensible problem of street children who were made to be so by different parameters.

Some of us today may think that street children do not constitute a big danger in the future especially when we take advantage from their cheap services because we just believe that they make easy our life but we forget that the kind of life they have does not permit choices. You ask them to carry a big bag of food for some hundreds of francs, they cannot say no since they do not have any other thing to do or where to go. Others are overjoyed by the street children’s Swahili song ‘ Nisaidie’ to mean “help me”.
We forget that what makes a human being to be different from animals is the kind of treatment he gets from his fellow human being. If he receives humiliation, he will humiliate others, if he receives hospitality, he will give hospitality.

If those street children still work for invaluable money today, it is because they still have a little hope in the future. A child has a strong belief in the future but as he grows this belief decreases and he becomes hopeless especially when he sees nothing to assure his security.
So when you are not given any hope, you behave like an animal.

Street children are what they are today maybe because we did not pay attention to what the world became along the years depending on various causes. Some of them naturally occur; that is the case of earthquakes, hard rains, deserts, illnesses,… while others are directly related to negative actions of Man; that is the case of wars and other negative effects of the Man’s actions.

Here, our strength would be to have the feeling of uniqueness of the human race and understand that we share the same destiny. If we are aware of what street children face everyday, let’s play the role of a real parent of the humanity. Let’s take action for their favor and make them meet affection from our effort. If we let them grow without hope, they will be uncontrolled human beings and they will never stop blaming us to be the responsible of their misery.

When people grow without consideration in the society, they become parasites to it but the opposite makes them to become part of it. If we find the street children’s services sweet today, tomorrow they will be bitter. If they are still positive today, it is because they still believe that their future will meet positive actions from our hearts but their tomorrow is doubtful if any action is done to integrate them in the society. So prevent us from an apparent danger when it is still possible, tomorrow can be late. We need to give less but meaningful gifts in order to avoid them to be criminals of all kinds. With little actions but full of humanism, affection, care…we can avoid the danger we may face in the near future.

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