What is the cost of peace?

By Jean Baptiste Niyongabo

When we talk about peace, its value and effect, we may think we need to invest big amounts of money. When we listen to the news in all over the world, we hear that thousands of millions of dollars and euros are always spent in seeking for peace; we hear that here and there many delegations from different countries are taking long and costly journeys to negotiate for peace.

But, my question is this: why all these expenses could help the world solve other serious problems like climate change, education problems, HIV/AIDS and other health problems, famine….. instead of spending billions of money on peace that everyone can build without spending a single penny?

You may ask me how to do it but be sure it is easy to do it, because everything is possible under the sun. Here are some few simple and cheap ways to follow:
1° Charity begins at home; give yourself peace of mind, it just makes your neighbourhood be peaceful.
2° Give others peace, they will be peaceful towards you
3° Learn to tell the truth because true peace is the fruit of peaceful people
4° Learn to say what you mean and mean what you say, in this case nothing is suspicious
5° Never gossip, make your voice to be heard; it makes others to know your cause
6° Never talk after someone, but let him/her know what people say about him/her
7° Never allow your ears to be long but let your eyes see because eyes witness reality while ears can hear lies
8° Let your no be no and yes be yes so that others know what you think.

In few words, these are the ways we can follow but you are right to elongate the list. And just one small question; how much can we spend to follow these ways?

2 responses to “What is the cost of peace?

  1. Dear Jean Baptiste

    Very good article (except for appearing 3 times after each other! You are absolutely right – with the world’s military now costing 1470 billion dollars and the UN costing 27, there will be no peace. And peace is not a qestion of money – you are so right! In addition, generally speaking the military does not make peace – civilians do that much better. – I look very much forward to meet you at to discuss these things much more with you when I come down. In the meantime, please put your wisdom to work for the AYC…it very much needs views such as yours…put into practise in the future. Best – Jan

    • john baptist niyongabo

      Thank you so much Jan for your encouraging comment. I am sure I will do my best to help AYC make the world become a peaceful village where people can sit and talk as brothers and sisters, a world without hatred, war, hunger, ignorance….
      All what is needed is each one’s determination in AYC and I wish we give light to the world.

      The problem of the article to appear 3 times is technical, I hope it will very soon be solved.

      Thanks a lot again

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