Quarterly financial report

Jean Bosco Bigirimana
By Jean-Bosco Bigirimana

Friends of Amahoro Youth Club dear visitors of our blog, Amahoro, Peace, Paix, Shalom, Salaam!!!

On our page of transparency and funding, it is well stated that a quarterly economic report has to be presented and now it is time to do so.
The work of AYC is financed by private donations and membership fees, and we want to be self-reliant in future.

For these four months, we got US $ 952. We express our sincere gratitude to all those who do their best to make AYC activities to go on. We particularly thank Jan Oberg and TFF for his great contribution in terms of knowledge, time and money. We thank him for the visiting cards he donated to the Club and for financing the activity peer to peer counseling done for Magnus Schiller’s ex street children on 19th August 2009. We foremost thank Panafrica Marie-Claire, member of the club, who in collaboration with Jan Oberg donated US $ 50 to the Club.

Furthermore, our distinguished thanks go to Dr Margareta Norlin, Else Hammerich, Karsten Mathiasen and Magnus Schiller for their generous hearts and donations. We thank all AYC members who contribute without delay and the Administrative Team that works without waiting for payment or salary.

In these four months, the expenses were done into different areas such as:
1. Seminars: US $ 170
2. Office activities: US $ 318
3. Communication and transport: US $ 93.3
4. Renting Office: US $ 256
5. Study Circle: US $ 12
6. Welcoming visitors from World Youth Alliance: US $ 25.

In total US $ 874.3 were spent during these last four months.

Dear visitors of our blog, you are most welcome to make a donation or otherwise support our club.

One response to “Quarterly financial report

  1. Amahoro Youth Club

    Great Mister Financial Manager, this is what we call transparency and professionalism! If Burundi had many financial manager like you, we would have not experienced scandals like we see!
    Keep on doing so brother!

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