An additional contribution to AYC development

By Landry Ninteretse

Chantal Mutamuriza
Chantal Mutamuriza, giving the book donation
Chantal Mutamuriza, former TFF Coordinator in Burundi and now working in Geneva, Switzerland gave a donation to the AYC library on August 18, 2009. The content of this donation is made of seven books, hand-books, brochures and posters on human rights situation, torture and international texts about it.

This precious donation came as response to the need expressed by AYC members to get materials in diverse fields. It will contribute to solidify the intellectual basis of the Club and surely inspire members in the preparation of study circle sessions and academic work. In addition, the donation from Chantal will contribute a lot when the Club will develop programmes related to creating awareness on human rights issues.

This donation is an additional sign of support from a close friend of the Club who believe in what we are doing. We still need intellectual resources because we can pretend teach peace, conflict resolution or human rights protection when we are not, as trainers, enough trained with accurate resources and information.

We sincerely thank Chantal for this and ask her to continue to advocate on the behalf of the Club and Burundi. Only well-trained people will be able to train others, and this will be possible through books reading, documentation self-training and intensive personal hard work. And this is one of our principles in Amahoro Youth Club.

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