May 25, Africa Day

By Landry Ninteretse

May 25 is the day of African Unity remembering the date in 1963 when African leaders gathered in Addis-Abeba made history and gave significant impetus to the continent’s collective struggle for the independence, by establishing the Organization of African Union which became later the African Union.

Since this date, May 25 is therefore celebrated and commemorated every year as Africa Day. Africa Day celebrates unity and fosters the understanding of the many possibilities the continent has to offer in terms of history, culture, art and natural beauty. During the whole of May, we are celebrating all natural wonders, people and heroes that make the pride of our continent. Among these heroes, we pay tribute to Nelson Mandela and Wangari Mathai who have shown an extraordinary courage and determination in reconciliation of people and in the environment field.

Africa is rich and endowed with a wealth of natural resources (land, minerals, forests, wildlife, coastal and marine resources, water and biodiversity) which provide the livelihoods for many people either directly or indirectly. However, these riches are under serious threats, including extreme poverty, rapid growth population, environmental degradation, ill developed plans and mediocre governance.

May 25 is an opportunity to each African to reflect on all these potentials and think how to use them as means to get from poverty to prosperity. It is unacceptable to remain poor and hopeless when our continent is rich and show us day after day good models to get inspired from. It is true that the continent suffered a lot and in different ways in the past, but I am convinced that the current generation of young leaders will make the difference by standing up, taking action, conquering our heritage and enabling a hopeful and joyful life for millions of Africans.

One response to “May 25, Africa Day

  1. Great work!I hope you take the initiatives around the Country,and why not on the whole Region of the Great Lakes of Africa,let the Youth define their future through the means of Blogs and discussions!

    Keep up the good work!

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