Quarterly Financial Report

Jean Bosco Bigirimana
By Jean-Bosco Bigirimana

Dear AYC friends and visitors,

As it was promised on our page of Transparency and Funding that a quarterly financial report has to be presented, here it is.
First of all, let me apologize for the delay of 23 days in delivering this report, it was due to intensive academic work.
The work of Amahoro Youth Club is financed by private donations, membership fees and a little bit of income generating activities. During these last four months, we got 1093 US $.
We sincerely thank all those who helped AYC activities to be run. Our special thanks go to Dr Jan Oberg who contributed a lot to get in touch with donors, especially in Scandinavia.
We are sincerely grateful to Dr Norlin Margaretta in Lund Sweden, Else Hammerich, Mathiasen Karsten and Magnus Schiller. We thank members who contribute without delay and take this opportunity to encourage all members to do it voluntarily and with joy because their contributions constitute a seed to the work of peace not only within the Club but also in the whole nation. We pay tribute to the administrative team for its remarkable work without waiting any salary.

In these last four months, the resources we got were spent in different areas such us:

1. Seminars : 35 US $
2. Office activities and diverse necessities : 226 US $
3. Communication and Transportation : 154 US $
4. Office rent : 207 US $
5. Study circle : 14 US $
6. Activities with former street kids : 133 US $
7. Expenses engaged in the participation in
The United Nations Alliance of
Civilizations Forum in Istanbul : 198 US $

In total, 967 US $ were spent during this period. You are most welcome to make a donation and support AYC activities and peacebuilding in Burundi.

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