The Open Centre idea remains

By Landry Ninteretse

During the Organisational Management Seminar held last January, AYC members expressed several ideas which can boost our Club in terms of achievements and visibility. Some talked about the great idea to start an online advertisement, to open a book store or library, to install a wireless café and a computer training centre, to develop a communication strategy to improve the image of Burundi abroad, to facilitate artists to have their products sold etc.

As a former participant in the meeting of the Amahoro Coalition, I realized that those who mentioned these ideas were exactly talking about the philosophy of the Open Centre, a project which failed to become a reality due to internal misunderstandings and lack of commitment among the Coalition members.

Today, the AYC is slowly but surely solidifying its basis. The Open Centre idea is an excellent initiative and great project which challenged some old ways of doing things. Dear AYC members and friends, let me emphasize that what failed with the Coalition can only become a reality with your commitment, self-sacrifice and hard work. We must grow up and work as a professional organisation. If we do so, we could then be able to establish the Open centre in a democratic, transparent and proper competent manner. And I can ensure you that partners from both inside and outside will undoubtedly support this initiative. Remember, we do not want to make profit with this but through the initiative, we are instauring a culture of peace in this country.

Dear friends, let’s this marvelous dream come true!!!

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