Sunday afternoon at Saga Plage…

Landry Ninteretse
By Landry Ninteretse

On January 25th 2009, AYC members and young boys living at Magnus place met at Saga Plage, the famous beach of Bujumbura for a football encounter and relaxation, an activity known as “Peer-to-peer counseling” carried out by Amahoro Youth Club and aiming at providing psychological support, mentoring and recreational activities to the boys in order to cope self-doubt, withdraw and sens of hopeless.

To underscore fair-play but especially the significance of the game, players from both teams were mixed up. The match, characterized with enthusiasm, fair-play and determination from both parties ended on 4-4 draw.

After the match, some participants enjoyed swimming in the lake, others continued to play football while others chose dancing, having fun, drinking and being pictured by Jan Oberg who was accompanying the group.

When both AYC members and young boys left Saga Plage around 6 pm in the same bus, they were very excited and happy for having spent a wonderful afternoon experiencing the joy of playing and interacting together. This activity, partly facilitated by Ousmane Sow, a friend of AYC, served as entry point for the Club to establish common work with the young boys in a sustainable and long-term way and help them to develop greater confidence in themselves.

More about this activity in the top menu – and pix!

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