2009, a productive year for AYC

Patrobase Kamaro
By Peter Misagaro

Hi, friends of AYC!
I’d like to tell you more about my suggestions.
I thank you very much for the seminar held at Magnus’s house.
Our club is different from other organizations in our country and because of that there are things we achieved and others not yet.

By achievement I mean:
– knowing each other from different regions,various universities and different ethnic group included gender too.
– we learnt a lot during seminars how to behave, work for the whole country by volunteers through gathering efforts, knowledge, experiences and resources. All these are welcome into our club.
Everything is clear, in transparency concerning activities, use of income (money),and an agenda of activities to do in future.

By mistakes I mean that there are things we were supposed to do in former time but we didn’t achieve them and we plan to achieve more than what we had planned in 2008.2009 is a productive year of 7 increase fold: increase of grace, knowledge, wisdom, speed, fortunes, ability and accuracy.

We learnt from mistakes we made but really wish to make progress!

Thanks a lot!!

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