Study Circle, a nursery of exchange

Jean Bosco Bigirimana
By Bosco Bigirimana

“Study Circle is a nursery of spaces of exchange among young Burundians. In this activity, we were ten participants, six old members of the club and four new members. We were sitting in half circle on green grass, beautiful lawn found in the compound of Galerie Yes. Green colour as a sign of hope, I noticed that the hope of durable peace and sustainable development in Burundi is in an uncorrupted generation.

I was mostly touched by the commitment of new members. Cheerfulness, arranging chairs, welcoming each other were the characters showing a none difference between new and old members.

The sharing of experiences and knowledge demonstrated the awareness and global vision of what is going on in Burundi. Thus, a good citizen is the one who knows his/her rights and obligations.

We ended our Study circle with an individual commitment of being a lighted candle. The light from the members of AYC has to shine in different areas handicapping the progress of our country such as corruption, environmental destruction, nepotism, ethnic division, etc.

The present and future of Burundi are in the hands of young Burundians; AYC members are the pioneers.”

One response to “Study Circle, a nursery of exchange

  1. Amahoro Youth Club


    J’habite à l’etranger et les quelques nouvelles qu’on attend du Burundi sont pour la plus part désolante et découragent! Je vous gure qu’il ya des jours ou ont ce sans presque stupide,
    Voir naïf de toujours garde espoir. Je vous remercie donc de votre courage. Vous faites prévue d’un leadership exemplaire!


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