It is small groups that make the change

By Adelard Kankuze

I am a new member of AYC and I participated for the first time in the activities of the Club during the study circle held on January 11th 2009. I was pleasantly surprised by the relevance of the debates carried on the topic ”Citizenship in democratic society”.

After that I was invited to participate in a seminar on Gandhi and nonviolence principles, I didn’t hesitate and I have to say that I didn’t regret. We started with watching a very touching movie of Gandhi a day before. The seminar was conducted by Jan Oberg the whole day.

The seminar was opened by different comments and points of view about the movie that were given by participants. Afterwards we had exchanges on themes such as armament and corruption went on. The latter called deep attention of participants because it is mining the development of our country, Burundi.
For me, the great moment of the seminar was about the life of Gandhi and his principles that Jan explained. I don’t want to come back deeply on the great moment but I want to share two things that touched me mostly.

1. “I am the change that I want”. If I want to succeed and change the society, I have to have a positive attitude, a constructive one.

2. “Every social change is started by a small group of persons”. Since I am a new member, I would like to make a short comment on the Club. The way the work is done in the Club impressed me a lot. Everyone finds quickly his/her place as long as he/she is decided to work. Also, the atmosphere is very relaxing even if I deplore a bit that young ladies are fewer than young men.

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