Legal Representative’s Message about the Membership Policy

October 20th, a significant step in the AYC establishment”

Dear AYC friends,

Slowly but surely, the Amahoro Youth Club is solidifying its basis. After the adoption of the status and the elaboration of the Club’s Culture, AYC members officially adopted the final version of the AYC Membership Policy on Monday October 20th 2008. This last step in the development of the organisation will boost activities of the club as well the acceleration of recruitment of new members.

A bit about the content of that document.

The Membership policy is a number of rules that clarify how the members shall behave within the Club in order to make this framework like a family firmly organised to effectively contribute to solidify peace and sustainable development as stated in the Club’s mission.

The Membership policy gives broad orientations on how the Club organize the recruitment of new members but should be completed soon by an other document, the Membership strategy, more specific. The Membership policy also shows how funds are managed and how financial operations are conducted. This document tells about norms that every member shall not broke as well as sanctions related. But this do not mean that it is a kind of police; as we all know, we have elaborated the Culture of the Club which is a number of statements that guide the behavior of mutual respect and reliable environment in the Club everyday.

I invite you then to respect the content of this document which constitute the beginning of a new phase of the AYC process of development in all areas and to participe effectively in our current activities.

God Bless AYC

Amahoro Always!

AYC Legal Representative


Read the Membership Policy here.

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