Celebration! AYC opens library, blog and membership portfolio

On Sunday, July 13, 2008, Club members happily celebrated that growing results of building the new type of organization that the AYC is. Here are some pictures I took while feeling so happy and grateful to all for your good work and commitment to the common cause…



Preparing the membership portfolio in the AYC office



A little speech before opening the library



– and more….


Deputy legal representative, Sylvere Kaboneye, opens the
peace library with the key, observed by Dr. Sururu Adolphe, TFF Associate 


The books, papers and videos have been donated by TFF, by Ina Curic,
Adolphe Sururu and Jan Oberg. Members acquaint themselves with it!



Maryse browsing…


Listening to the speeches at the opening of Burundi’s
probably first peace library, Dr. Sururu Adolphe, TFF Associate to the right


The Membership Portfolio is presented to all. It tells
every present and prospective member what the Club is all about


Maryse holds the computer with the AYC blog – launched today

However small, a historic moment for the AYC !



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